Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hand-Painted Chalkboard Art with Repurposed Wood!

Is it just me?  Or does the crisp feeling of fall in the air get you giddy...the fascinating color changes on the leaves from golden yellow to burnt amber, the various pumpkin patches and bonfires with s'mores....something about this time of year makes my creative juices flow.
 Or, shall I say, overflow.  The kind of project that is calling my name, is anything that requires using repurposed, upcycled wood.  The old fence in our backyard is calling my name...again.  It is my very own personal stash of inspiration, right in my backyard!  What can be more exciting than that? Okay, maybe a lot of things to some of you, but to me, all I see when I look at this fence is NEVERENDING DIY IDEAS! And it's all at my fingertips....Yesss!

After I begged my hubby to trample out into the weed and vine covered, over-grown "jungle" in our backyard, he cut up my pieces of wood into the size I wanted.  I had him cut numerous rectangles and the ideas were limitless as to what I intended on doing with them...let's just say "project idea overload" is the best way to describe what was going on inside my brain.  All you creative junkies know EXACTLY what I'm talking about...don't deny it either:)

After much pondering of what I wanted my first project to be, this is what I came up with...


Chalkboard Inspired Art!  I am SO happy about the results!  I hand-painted my phrase and designs, then added some burlap, my FAVE!!  These are going to look so cute on my Gallery Wall, I can't wait to hang them up!!  These, along with MANY other things, will soon be in my ETSY shop {if I ever find the time to get it all set up} so if you think this is something that you would love in your home as well, shoot me an email or comment and I can customize one {or 2 or 3} specially for you!  What do y'all think?  What other phrases or designs should I use?  I love feedback:)
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