Thursday, February 27, 2014

$3 Lamp Revamp!!

That's right people, I said $3!!!  That is all this project cost me, and it makes such an impact!  I was tired of looking at this old lamp shade, and I decided for CHEVRON...duh!!  {Anyone who knows me, or know OF me, KNOWS I am Chevron obsessed!!}
To start my project, I knew I wanted to get fabric and wrap this 'ol thing, because purchasing a whole new lamp shade just because I was tired of this plain cream one was out of the question...I mean, I'm all about "thrifty", right?  So, I went to my local Hobby Lobby and purchased a yard of canvas chevron fabric. {This project actually would have been even cheaper, if I had done measurements...blah}  It was only $3 for a yard, hence the $3 "project total".  Talk about a BARGAIN! 
 Check out the pictorial below...


**TIP ALERT!!**  If you want to leave your lamp shade as above, meaning no ribbon or trim wrapped around at the ends, I suggest doing perfect measurements of your shade.  I had planned on just leaving it with the chevron fabric, but because I had folded and glued down the leftover fabric to the inside of the shade, you could TOTALLY see the shadow of the excess fabric when I placed the shade back on the lamp, and turned the light on.  Hey, ya live and ya learn, right?  That's what I am here for....learn from MY mistakes! {wink wink}

Glad I had that burlap and lace gives it that nice "Shabby Chic" look. 

Coffee Filter Wreath I made with Coffee Filters and Cardboard for the frame:)...and my adorable lil man!

Do you like??  I love it...but I did make sure to ask my husband if I was "Chevron, Burlap and Lace-ing" him out...he said "No babe, I love everything you make for our house!" Aww!!  That was the sweetest thing ever!  So, what are you going to do with your old lamp shades?
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