Friday, September 20, 2013

Hand-Painted Instagram Frames

Yessss!! I have finally gotten to this post….it has been a week, let me tell you.  I have a 14 month old that has had…ahhemmm…diarrhea for just about 2 weeks now.  Not to mention, cranky as ever! {um, rightfully so!} So, in between many, MANY diaper changes and impromptu bubble baths {not me, the baby! lol} I have finally gotten enough of my new project done, so I can now reveal. cgvgc cfdfcv…annnnd that was Bryson, trying to explain his side of the story:)
It all started with my Aunt Debbie’s Fall Festival and Craft Fair for her new church’s grand opening.  It is at the end of this month and she had invited me to participate if I was interested…DUHHH!! I LOVE craft shows and I LOVE doing crafts, so what better way to spend my spare time {ha! WHAT SPARE TIME} than to create something for my booth.  I have several different ideas for the craft show and I have started on 3 of them so far, but this project has been the most fun to make….square frames which are the perfect size for your INSTAGRAM photos!! The inside opening is 4×4 which will fit your Instagram pics.  YAAAAAAY!!!

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Each frame was plain, unfinished wood.  I hand-painted each one and distressed the edges using a super fine-grade sheet of sandpaper and finished off by adding a burlap bow… {of coarse I had to incorporate some burlap}.  I am thinking about selling them in sets of 2 and 4, but I think a set of 4 on the perfect wall in any room would be just GAW-JUS! I do believe I will be making these for Christmas gifts too.  So, what do y’all think?? What other colors/patterns should I use?  I need to make MAAANY more of these for the show, so I would love your input:)  Have a splendid day and stay tuned for my DIY chalkboard ornament/gift tag tutorial coming later this week!