Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Three BOO-tiful Blogs and their DIY Crafty Treats!

Hello and Welcome to one of my absolute FAVORITE blog posts of all time.  Who is ready for TONS of Halloween DIY awesomeness??  I am excited to show you all I have in store today.  First, I want to thank Gladys over at The Mother Overload , for inviting me to be a part of this collaboration post.  I also want to thank Gisella, over at Serendipity Events NYC, for joining this collaboration with us as well!  Both of these gals have UHHH-MAZING blogs and they are both talented and incredible women and moms.  I am thankful to have met these women through blogging, MUAH!  You will find links to their posts at the bottom of this post...You know what they say, save the best for last! Trust me, you don't want to miss their creativeness!

This post is chock full of numerous fun and spooky Halloween projects, some of which are projects I've already posted last year...but hey, who doesn't love a good throwback, right??  The first and main project is this neat little open front Haunted House.  I made this several years ago, waaaay before even thinking about becoming a blogger, so technically, this is a new project for everyone else, right?

I purchased the plain unfinished wood house from Michael's Arts and Crafts Store.  First, I painted the entire house a dreary gray color, perfect for a haunted house.  Then, I picked out my spooky scrapbook paper and went to town on measuring and cutting, so it would fit around the windows on the outside.  To make the "shutters" I cut scrapbook paper to the size I needed, then folded them like an accordion.  To make them look old and dirty, I rubbed them onto a stamp pad with black ink.  You could also use black paint, but I was feeling extra "crafty" that day.
Now, the fun part.  I took 2 different colored greens and cute all different sized square pieces with my Fiskar design scissors {design scissors? shape scissors?? I don't really know what they are}Then, I dipped and rubbed them into my ink pad to give them that worn and dingy look. 

  For the inside of the house, I chose a black and white Damask wallpaper, aka "scrapbook paper".  I wanted to give it a more "haunted" effect by making the walls look dirty and old so I made random smudges with the same gray paint.  I did the same effect with black paint, on the outside of the house...gotta love that molded, mildew effect!

That was one of the most fun and satisfying projects I've ever's amazing the impact that paper and paint can have! It was a SUPER thrifty project too, all I had to purchase was the wooden house! Even if you don't have the paper or paint on hand, those items are very inexpensive. ..I hope you get inspired and make yourself, or a friend, a creepy haunted house too:) 

How about these Mummy Tea Light Holders? Another CHEAP, practically free Halloween craft you can make! You can check out how to make your very own HERE. 

  Who loves DIY garland?? I DO, I DO!!  If you are obsessed with making a big impact for very little money, DIY garland is your kinda project! I made this with a small "fat quarter" pack of fabric from Walmart and some twine...this cost less than $5 to make!  It went perfect for my stepdaughter's DIY Halloween Birthday Bash we threw for her last year.  This was part of her photo booth...check out all the deets and more DIY party ideas HERE!

Anyone else here in love with CANDY CORN!?  If so, I have 2 perfect projects for you!  I made a set of Candy Corn Wine Bottles last year for my sister Brittany, but completely forgot to make myself a set. So, here is this year's version...I made myself and my stepmom a set, too.  I added the chevron burlap bows and now I adore them EVEN more than the ones I made for my sister...she's kind of jealous that I didn't make HERS with bows!  

Love this Candy Corn Door Hanger?  Get the details on how to make your own, as well as the tutorial for the Candy Corn Wine Bottles, HERE.  FYI, these projects are fun and easy to make...not to mention, they are cute and make a big impact!

As if you don't have enough Halloween DIY ideas, Gladys from The Mother Overload and Gisella from Serendipity Events NYC are sharing even MORE ideas!  

This is what Gladys is sharing...
                              Easy & inexpensive way to Boo-tify Your Entryway/ Foyer

"This year, I decided to stick with last year's black and white Halloween decór for our entryway. As most of you know, I'm far too obsessed to let go of this color palette. And although I incorporated a few items from last year's decor, I also added some fun inexpensive items to the mix. Most of the items you see in my entryway are either dollar store items, recycled or created through a free editing website. Yes - Brace yourselves all the artwork you see was done through an editing site which is free! See where and how you can re-create each piece (including the canvas!) by stopping by my blog". --
 Here is a preview of her INCREDIBLE talent!! 
Now take a look at what Gisella has created...

What beautiful, yet SPOooOoOoky fireplace and mantle décor!  She creates amazing décor for all sorts of events...I have SUCH talented and creative friends! Check out all the details for Gisella's  decor, as well as all her other awesome DIY décor and events, over at Serendipity Events NYC!
Well, folks!  I hope you really enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I just loved collaborating with these ladies, their talent is limitless and inspiring.  Thanks so much for stopping tell me, which one of these DIY's {or will you be doing all} and crafts are you going to re-create??
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