Monday, September 8, 2014

Pumpkin Fun and The Tennessee Valley Fair!

Thanks for stopping over to check out my family fun~filled weekend! We stopped off at our local nursery to go "harvest" shopping, aka "Pumpkins and Mums!"  I couldn't help but snap some pics of all the beauty around us.  Such beautiful and bright colors, gets me in the mood for that cool, crisp fall air...can it hurry up and get here already?
Ohhhhh, how I LOVE pumpkin shopping. Don't get me wrong, it's BLAZING hot and humid right now, but that didn't stop the Hubby and I from picking up a few things.  It definitely didn't stop our lil' dude, Bryson Kyle, from running all over the flower nursery either.  Once he spotted the pumpkins, he made a pit stop...he found the perfect pumpkin and right after I snapped the picture, he threw it! Haha!

 Anyone else love MUMS??
My hubby did a fabulous job  decorating the outside!  We plan on cutting the 2 giant pumpkins in half and setting the mums inside. I'm so excited!
 Tennessee Valley Fair...have any of my local or non-local readers been?
Ahhh, the smell of corn dogs and funnel cakes in the air...reminds me of my childhood.  I can't believe it's me, taking MY child to the fair now.  Its absolutely mind boggling how fast time goes by!
You are now witnessing Bryson on his very first ride WITHOUT Mommy or Daddy!!  I was a nervous wreck.  Okay, okay...I know its not like he's on a 70 mph roller coaster but he was on a ride all by himself! His cousins Adelina and Arianna rode with him, too, but no boy is growing up too fast!
The best "cousin" shot we have...its funny how challenging it can be, when taking shots of ONE child, let alone THREE. LOL!! One is more interested in the flower he just picked off the prop, and the other two are clearly interested in other things.  But hey, at least they still have a plastered smile on those cute lil' faces.
Bryson was completely enamored with the livestock! 
And he just loves his mama:)
That smile, though...melts this mama's heart!