Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baby's First Time at the Zoo!

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

My husband and I took our son, Bryson Kyle, to the Knoxville Zoo for the very first time.  Can I just say, I don't think Bryson was very impressed...he was grumpy, hot, and I think he was more interested in people watching than seeing the animals! Haha!  We weren't very impressed either...not only were half of the exhibits being "renovated", the ones that were open barely had any "visible" animals in them.  I understand that you cant expect to have gorillas banging on the glass, or witnessing the lions and tigers in the act of playfully frolicking around, but C'MONNNN! I guess we will save the next trip to the zoo for when our lil monkey is a bit older, and when it is cooler outside...maybe all the animals wont be hiding then....At least we got some cute pics:)
Presh IMG_1695IMG_1680