Monday, October 13, 2014

Rustic DIY Twig & Burlap Candles

Happy Fall, y'all!  The best season of ALL to create fun DIY projects for your home....well, at least it's MY fave!  I made these adorable rustic candle holders a few days ago and guess what...they cost me absolutely nothing because their 100% upcycled!! Woohoo!!!
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I absolutely LOVE Bath and Body Works Candles and when I am done with them, I stick the candle container in the freezer and I wait a few hours before taking them out.  After a few hours, I remove them and carefully remove the wax by poking g it with a knife until the wax pretty much cracks and crumbles. Then I clean it all out and I am left with and perfectly clean glass for the EASY candle project.
I gathered up a bag of sticks from the yard and broke them down to the size I wanted.  Then I took a roll of burlap ribbon and cut it to the size of the jar and nd glued it on the outside which makes it easier for the sticks to stay glued, instead of gluing them straight to the outside of the glass. (I learned that the hard way, thanks to the hubs that gave me this idea;-) 

Once they were all glued,  I tied some scrap burlap around the outside and there ya have it!! Pop in some battery operated tealights and you now have some fabulous and rustic candles! I plan on using these for my Thanksgiving tablescape this love them!


Aren't these so cute?? And since I already had the burlap and the glass containers, they cost absolutely nothing!  I love projects like what are you making for your Thanksgiving tablescape this year?? These would go perfect with any fall decor, mantle, or whatever fall projects you have in mind. Thanks for stopping by! Toodles:)