Friday, September 20, 2013

Shabby-Chic DIY Bulletin Board

Are You ready for something FABULOUS?!?  Well, you have come to the right place!

I have made this fun, Shabby-Chic bulletin board for my kitchen "command center" and I have to say, I am very impressed with my craftiness:) {patting self on back} The very best part about this, is it was a "thrifty" project!  I have seen a lot of things on Pinterest for bulletin boards and most of them call for covering up an old cork board and refurbishing it...well, I didn't have an old cork board laying around, and I definitely didn't wanna spend $15 or more on a new one so I came up with a great idea....

I was strolling through one of my FAVE craft stores one day, walking aimlessly down each isle, and as I was walking down the isle with school supplies, it hit me...POSTER BOARD!! Yessss!! It was the perrrfect size, it was sturdy and it was only $2.99!! Ohhhh yeeea! The ideas started flowing...and what a dangerous place to be when this happens! {all you creative gals and DIYers know exactly what I mean!!...Eeeeek} I went and found some burlap, and some wooden cut-out frames {only $1.99 each) and I was set! I knew I already had chevron-patterned burlap ribbon at home {Hobby Lobby} and twine, and then another grand idea popped into my head....I had a TON of wine bottle corks I have been saving to hopefully use for a brilliant idea! I think this project will put those corks to use;) Below you will find the finished product...

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There ya have it! I must say, I'm really liking how this turned out:) The best part of it was how easy it was to make.  What other cute things could you add to your board? Ohhh, the possibilities! Have you ever made something like this before?  What did you use on your board?  Until next time...Toodles!

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