Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SPRING~tastic DIY Front Door Wreath!

Hello Lovelies!  Its been over 4 months since I have blogged OR crafted anything!! Ahhhh!!  That's what happens when you are preggo and sick for the past 5 months!  I'm SO happy to finally be feeling somewhat back to normal...So, I don't know about y'all, but these wintery days have been getting me in the mood for bright colors and SPRING! Not to mention, my drab front door needed something fun and uplifting.  Check out my SPRING~TASTIC Front Door Wreath below...

I gathered all my supplies from both AC Moore and Hobby Lobby, along with putting their awesome 40% off coupons to use!  Below, I used one of my favorite painting techniques...dipping a pencil eraser into paint and "stamping"...real fancy, I know. Hey, it creates a fun design, don't judge:)

Okay, so how awesome is this chevron burlap ribbon....ahhhhhhh, its my absolute fave design and it's on burlap.  What the heck is not to love about this combo?!?

Let's talk about flowers...There is something so lovely about a magnolia.  I am not a flower guru by any means, but I know what I love and I LOVE magnolias!

So, there it is...my Spring DIY Wreath!  So simple to make and very inexpensive, might I add. That's a bonus!  I think it makes my front door look a bit more cheery, and during this extra cold winter, I'm up for some extra pizzazz!  What kind of flowers would you choose for your wreath??  Maybe a combination of several different types? 
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope everyone is staying warm...now time to get your craft on!

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