Sunday, October 13, 2013

Awesome Linky Parties for those Crafty Gals out there!

Are you ready for a couple of fabulous linky parties?? Be prepared because if you aren't already hooked to these two blogs I am about to talk about, then you WILL be!  Here is the first one I suggest...

City Farmhouse is one of my new fave blogs! I joined my first "City Farmhouse" linky party this past Tuesday and I was blown away at how many wonderful projects I found. Not only is this site beautiful and refreshing but all the amazing bloggers who joined the party had so many inspiring DIY and craft projects! I visited numerous blogs through the party and found several more favorites! Yippee for me!! {I can just hear my husband now..."more crafting projects?!?"} :-)

Another fun party you really should check out The Cottage Market's "Junkin Joe". 

 I just happened to stumble upon this early this morning when my almost 16 month old, Bryson Kyle, decided to get up around 7 this morning. After changing his diaper and laying him back down, Barney playin on the ipad, I hopped back in bed.....with my husband, and.... Pinterest! Yes, I know you ladies out there do this too, and I'm happy I did. I came across a pin from The Cottage Market talking about this Junkin Joe Linky Party. 

I'm pretty new to blogging and I just recently started linking up to some AWESOME linky and blog hop parties, and this is one of my favorites now. Not only was I super stoked that I was the first person to link up {never thought that would happen, ever} but this blog always seems to have lots of great compilations of projects. All of the other blogs that link up also have some brilliant ideas. Thanks so much, Pinterest and The Cottage Market for making my day extra happy!