Saturday, January 4, 2014

Shabby-Chic Chevron DIY Wood Tray!


Are you ready for the sweetest Shabby-Chic tray you have ever seen?  Can you tell I am ECSTATIC about how this turned out?  First off, let me just give a big fat "thank you" to the lovely gals over at Shanty 2 Chic for sharing this DIY project on their "12 Days of Christmas" post on their blog.  They have such a great tutorial, along with the measurements you need, that I suggest you check out their post for DIY $8 Wood Tray before starting...

Now, lets get this party started!!  Below, you will see the process and items I used to make my very own tray, with some tweaks to make it more "me"...along with the products I used.  I LOVE using "Titebond Wood Glue", "Minwax Stain, "Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paint in Ivory-Satin" and the very best part of this project was the "Shape Tape by Frog Tape".  HELLO!!  CHEVRON TAPE???  Ohhh, the possibilities are endless!!  Check it out...



This was such a fun project to make, because me AND the hubby made them together:)  It was a fun "bonding" project, and we made them for everyone for Christmas presents, along with some DIY Hot Chocolate Mugs:) {That post coming soon...}  What kind of tray do you want to make?  Will you be using CHEVRON TAPE too??
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This project was featured at BeBetsy and The Cottage Market!

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