Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pool Noodle Monogram Spring Wreath!

Okay, so this is the coooolest wreath idea everrr!!  I made this wreath using a POOL NOODLE!!!  Better yet, it was from the Dollar Tree!! I mean, who wants to spend $4 or more on a wreath form from the craft store, when you can make one of these?!?  I was thrilled, giddy, name it!  

So, my family came in to visit from Florida last weekend.  My step~dad Joe, my mom and my grandma all came and stayed at our house.  My mom loves all the wreaths I make and post, so she had mentioned that she wanted me to make her one.  Of coarse I jumped at the opportunity to craft!!  I also wanted to make my grandma one, too.  When both were complete, I set their wreath on each of their beds for their arrival. 

Tutorial below...

Double Bow Tutorial Collage


My little helper...{aaaand my heart is melting!!}

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Simple enough, right??  I L-O-V-E these wreaths, and my family loved them EVEN more! The look on my grandma's face when she realized it was hers, was priceless.  Now, I need to make MY household front door is kinda jealous! :)  So, are you going to run out and buy some pool noodles?  How will you design your next pool noodle wreath?