Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Heroes of the City" Educational & FUN Children's App Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Heroes of the City App Review and Giveaway!!  Your kids are going to love this one...

Hi Everybody!  I was so happy when I opened my mailbox and saw this package sitting inside!

I found a great opportunity on Bloggy Moms, from a company looking for bloggers to try out and review a new children's app.  I was totally game to try and review anything that might be fun for my little guy, Bryson.  Well, for my promise to review and blog about it, they sent my son a package full of fun items that coincide with their app.  Heroes of the City is the name of the app and now you have the chance to win the same fun package of goodies for your child! It includes a book, DVD and two of the Heroes of the City character toy cars.

Okay, so this app is really cute, I must say.  I've actually played them...they can be addicting! The BEST part about this app is its educational value. Each game is interactive, causing the child to use eye/hand coordination.  Your child will play educational games that will help encourage them to learn their shapes & colors, as well as memory and counting games.

The app includes 9 movies, all are about 14 minutes long.
Gives the option to "play all"...I love this option!

Includes a total of 9 games!  One of my favorite is the "memory" game.  This will help your child strengthen his memory skills, and all while having fun.

Below is a screen shot of one of my other favorites, and so much fun for your child...the painting game!  With one click, your child can paint his own version of each character in the movie.  Kids love these type of games....okay, I love these type of games!  To me, there is nothing more fun than being creative and your child can let his or her creativity soar with this one.

The "puzzle" game is a really neat part of this app, in my opinion, because I helps your child learn their shapes.  Below is a screen shot so you can see how much fun your little one will have with this game. What a great way for your child to visualize his
 shapes and how they will "fit"!

That was just a little "sneak peek" of the fun you and your child will find with the "Heroes of the City" app.  Now, enter my giveaway below, to win a prize pack just like the one I received!  But first, make sure to download your free app! 


Google Play

 I hope your little one has a blast with the Heroes of the City app! Now, enter the giveaway to win them some fun stuff to go with it :)

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