Friday, November 29, 2013

Thrifty DIY Advent Calendar!! So Fun and Cheap to Make!!

Is it THAT time of YEAR?!?....ALREADY???

Yup!!! It SURE let the crafting BEGINNN!!!  Get ready to learn how to make a FABULOUS "Thrifty DIY Advent Calendar"!!
Here is what you need to make your own...

  • An Open Frame
  • Paint for your Frame {only if you are upcycling an old frame that you have "hanging" around the pun intended!! Lol!} 
  • Piece of Cardboard {I used the box that my laptop came in, and cut what I needed from it:)}
  • Burlap to cover the Cardboard with {$3.88 for the roll of Chevron Burlap from Walmart...SCORE!}
  • Clothes Pins from the Dollar Tree
  • Washi Tape
  • Twine
  • Glitter
  • Spray Adhesive or Glue for Glitter
  •  Paper Tags {Making your own makes this even cheaper!}
I had this frame from some artwork my grandfather had put in it, so I sanded it and stained it to a darker color than below... 
Cardboard cut to the size I needed, and burlap ribbon...
I sprayed my clothes pins with this AWESOME spray adhesive, then dipped them into a pile of glitter.  After, I coated them with some Mod Podge, so the glitter wouldn't fall off and make a mess.  {I "Washi'ed" the rest of the clothes pins with various colors/styles of tape}

After I rubbed my stain off, I used "Heirloom White" Rustoleum spray paint and distressed with sandpaper once dry.

I then numbered all my tags, used 3 pieces of twine and glued to back of cardboard, so I could clip my "dates". {This part is not pictured but pretty self explanatory}
Put it all together and THIS is what I got!


What do you think??  I think this came out better than I thought! And since my son is only 17 months old and won't understand the concept of getting a new "prize" each day, I bought him a bunch of socks...yes, SOCKS! Lol!  This kid's socks seam to disappear with every use or wash, so I figured this would be the perfect {and functional} "prize" to give him each day:) What kind of other prizes do you suggest for toddlers?  I'm up for any and all suggestions:)  What prizes are you giving to your kiddies?
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