Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kids "Art Bucket" with ALL Dollar Store Items!!

Hey Y'all!  I am anxious to show you the "Art Bucket" I created for my two adorable nieces, and the best part about it, its was all from the DOLLAR TREE!! I LOVE a bargain, and let me tell you, this stash of crafty goodies I gathered for the birthday gals got me all giddy.  I knew the girls would be getting a TON of dolls and toys {their birthday themes were "Sofia the First" and "Doc McStuffins", so you can just imagine all of the themed toys they would receive}so I decided that I would put together something that would stimulate their minds in a different way.  I wanted them to enjoy their creative side, you know, pull out the inner artist in them.  I mean, what child doesn't enjoy crayons, cute sparkly pencils, GOOGLY EYES...haha! 
Here is how I put them together...
The fun items I chose to add were:

  • A Princess Journal
  • Pink and Sparkly Lisa Frank Pencils (I used to LOVE anything Lisa Frank when I was little...ohhhh how this makes me feel old!)
  • A Puzzle
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pack of Metallic Star Stickers
  • A Big Giant Crown/Cupcake Eraser 
  • A Big Pack of Foam Sheets
  • Pack of Princess Stickers
  • Huge Pack of Foam Stickers
  • Whinny the Pooh Number/Picture Match Cards
  • Fun Pack of Glitter Foam Play Dough
  • An Unfinished Wooden Bumble Bee Plaque (That the girls can paint, color, decorate themselves)
  • Pack of Triangular, Easy to Hold Washable Crayola Crayons (The ONLY item not from the Dollar Tree...but it was Walmart, so still a BARGAIN!!)
  • The White Wire Basket to put all the goodies in

I added a Foam Sign and a Clothespin (also purchased from the Dollar Tree) which I covered with Chevron Washi Tape:)


They LOVED them!!  My niece, Arianna immediately opened hers up and grabbed the sparkly pencils and said "I can do my homework with these!!" She is only cute!

After all was said and done, my total purchase price for each gift was around $15!!  Not bad for all the fun they got:) What other ideas do you have for fun buckets like these? 
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