Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sassy Stationary Swap!! Wanna Join??

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I am super excited to announce, I am starting up the VERY FIRST Annual Stationary Swap!!  It's like having a pen pal but we send cute things, too. 


Here are the rules:

Sassy Stationary Swap 2013!

Spend no more than $20 on all items such as super cute stationary or notecards, mini stamps, stickers, a pretty pen, etc. There are SOOO many places to get these things CHEAP, like TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall's, and Target/Micheals have those awesome $1 bins that have adorable stuff!! Be creative and try not to get any holiday specific items, that way your "Sassy Pal" can use all year long:-) Email Marisa at burlapandbananas@gmail.com if you want to join the "Sassy" club!
Ladies, please feel free to spread the word on your blogs, social media sites, etc.  If you do it on Instagram, please tag me (burlapandbananas).  Lets make this as big as we can!!