Friday, October 18, 2013

I was featured on one of my favorite blogs today~The Cottage Market!!

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I have had an amazing start it off, I opened my laptop to join the "Junkin Joe Linky Party" at The Cottage Market.  I had gotten everything all ready to link up my post and as I scrolled down the page, something looked verrry familiar.  Wait, couldn't be...oh my gosh, it IS!! My last project {Old Fence to Fabulous Picture Frame} I had linked up to the Junkin Joe blog last Friday was FEATURED!! Ahhhhh!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! I was so ecstatic and giddy, that I text my entire family and shared the good news. They were all happy and excited for me, but I don't they truly understand the amount of accomplishment I felt.  Although, I know my hubby was just as happy for me as I was because he sees all the effort I put into blogging, day after day.

If you are a blogger, you know what I mean.  Being a blogger means spending countless hours on research, DIY projects, crafting, cooking, or whatever your specific niche may be....while fitting ALL this in with family life, working, cleaning, making breakfasts, lunches and dinners for your loved ones....and sometimes yourselves;) I am so thankful I have an amazing, super supportive husband, who understands when the laundry piles up.  I am also thankful to all the great people who are supporting my blog by visiting and checking out all I have posted.  You all ROCK