Thursday, September 19, 2013

Burlap and Twine basket made out of a DIAPER box!!

DIY Burlap and Twine Basket



So, I am completely ECSTATIC about this tutorial!! It was SO easy and fun to make, not to mention quick...
and with a 13 & a half month old lil boy crawling around, quick is the only way to go;)  Below, you will find a picture tutorial showing products used, along with step-by-step pics...ENJOY!!

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All items used were purchased at Hobby Lobby...I have been ABSOLUTELY obsessed with the burlap ribbon, which by the way, is located in the "floral section".  The best part of it all, was the ribbon was 50% off!!  Remember, if what you want is not on promotion, just download the Hobby Lobby app and get one item for 40% off with their online coupon:) Just show them your coupon and viola!!

TADAAAAA!!!  That's it! Sooo cute and easy, I was very pleased with mylelf, lol! A few suggestions for you if you plan on making some is, a glue gun might be quicker to use, and maybe placing something underneath the burlap so design on box doesn't show a paper bag cut to fit the sides of box.  You can barely see the design on mine, but if you are super anal like I can be about these things, I would take that extra step. And no, I did not try to match my towels to my basket, I guess I just LOVE this color combo:) I plan on making a ton of these and putting them in my linen closet once I organize it...that is a WHOLE different post.  EEEK...I will post pics of my newly cleaned, organized, and adorned linen closet once I get that far! Please contact me with any questions, or if you love these, please let me know.  Its always great to hear from fellow mamas, crafters, and DIY lovers ADDICTS like me:)