Monday, September 8, 2014

Instagram Blog Hop~The BEST Instagram Party, Every Monday!

Summer fun is in full effect here at The McCroskey House!  If you are a Tennessee local {In the Maryville, Knoxville or Farragut area} and have kiddos, I would absolutely recommend McFee Park!  It's one of the newer parks and the playground is phenomenal!
  Not to mention, the splash pad is next to the playground!  Even if you don't live in the area, check your town or nearby city for splash pads.  Its the new craze and its the perfect way for your kiddos, and you, to stay cool in these dreadfully hot days! 

Now on to the Instagram Blog Hop!  So glad to have you:)

1. Follow your hosts:

Katelyn - Instagram: @learningcreatingliving
Marisa - Instagram: @burlapandbananas
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Madison - Instagram: @madisonlynn35

2. Follow your co-hosts:
Sherry Ann - Instagram: @themrsmom

3. Link up your Instagram web profile
Fill out the URL, Name & Email to link up your Instagram profile as shown below:
If this happens to pop up: "Error: The requested URL returned error: 500", that's totally fine! It simply means that it's unable to find a picture to use not that you have a link that is bad. Click on "Direct Image URL" if you have one or "Upload from Computer" and pick an image of yours to upload. If you still have trouble, you might be better off with using Followgram or Webstagram to upload your profile/picture.

4. Check out other Instagram profiles & make new friends!
After all, that's what this party is all about!

5. Share the Instagram Blog Hop & spread the party around so we can keep making new insta-friends!

If you're interested in guest co-hosting one week, email

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