Monday, May 5, 2014

Fun Family DIY Gallery Wall

There is nothing more fun to have on my walls, than a bright colored gallery wall!  I created this wall some time back, and I'm just now getting around to FINALLY blogging about it.  This is one of my fave walls in our house.  I hand-painted and distressed all of the frames, except for the grey & white chevron with the blue on it, those are from Hobby Lobby.  So, have I ever mentioned that I am a tad bit obsessed with yellow & turquoise??!!?? Those who have been to my house probably notice a pattern...its everywhere:)

I made these collages from wooden panels I found at Michael's, stained them, arranged my 4x4 square photos on them, then Mod Podged them.  Sorry about the glare, I used "Outdoor" Mod Podge, which is extremely shiny...something to remember for future projects that I would have preferred a "matte" finish.  I STILL love them, though!

I hung every single piece with Command Strips.  They hold perfectly and they are SUPER easy to hang with, and you don't have to hammer a bunch of holes in your walls. They are any DIY'ers dream, I always have some on hand!  

I hope y'all love my Family Gallery Wall as much as I do, for they are an awesome way to showcase your beautiful family and hand-crafted art!  They can spice up any wall in your house with a funky twist.  Have you created a gallery wall in your house?  What other items have you added to your wall?  Stay tuned for my final installment of my Wedding Gallery Wall~Part One and Part 2 posts...there are LOTS more I have crafted, painted, distressed, burlap'd and glittered for the big Wedding Gallery Wall "Finale".  I can't wait to reveal! Toodles!

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