Monday, April 28, 2014

Quinoa & Vegetable Stuffed Yellow Peppers!

Welcome to my very first recipe post! If you were enticed by this picture of my Quinoa & Veggie Stuffed Yellow Peppers, then you must be somewhat interested in whipping up this GEM of a recipe!  I found the recipe on Pinterest and come to find out, it's a Rachael Ray recipe over at The Food Network.  Let me just tell you, I  completely and utterly despise green and red peppers, but I don't mind the taste of yellow.  When I discovered this recipe, I just had to test it out.  

While I cooked my peppers {uhhh, don't judge the inside of my oven...needs a major deep cleaning!}, I mixed up my "stuffing".  The recipe calls for quinoa, cooked in vegetable broth, which I thought was brilliant because it added so much flavor.  I pretty much skipped adding the mint and a few other things to the stuffing, but added some of my own ingredients, like Jennie-O Ground Turkey.  YUM! I figured, since the stuffed peppers where all we were going to be eating for dinner {no sides}, I would make it a bit more hardy.

I am so glad I added the meat, because it tasted FABULOUS and was a perfect meal!  But if you don't want meat, or are a vegetarian, you will still be completely satisfied with the "meatless" option.  The flavors in these peppers were unbelievable...I really wish I would have snapped a shot of my hubby taking his first bite, he was so impressed with how good these were...{patting self on back:)}.  This will absolutely be a recipe we will use again...and again, when we want something different, yet delicious, tasty and not to mention HEALTHY!