Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend GLAMping Trip!

Hey y'all! How was everyone's Easter Holiday??  My family and I took our kids camping, well GLAMping, and we had such a fun time!  It was our kids very first time camping with us, so it was super special.  Not to mention, our whole immediate family was there at the campground, too!  I wish my mom, step dad and Grandma could have been there, but they live in Florida:(

But on a good note, we had all the cousins running around, playing, laughing and having the time of their lives, while the adults enjoyed themselves. I actually managed to find these at the Dollar Tree for all the adult gals... 

The "Adult Sippy Cup"! 

Here is Bryson's real first Easter Basket...He was so young last year, i didn't get him a basket.  Just a few toys and things he needed, so this year was so much fun for me! When Bryson woke up, he spotted that thing right away, his face was priceless.

What lil boy wouldn't like Hot Wheels stuffed into their Easter Eggs?? Or in this case, Easter "Carrots"! 

Sissy Lauren showing Bryson his new toys...

Needless to say, he loved all his cars, trucks, Thomas the Trains and toys he got.  His sissy got a basket FULL of clothes that she just loved.  They both were happy with what Mom and, I mean...the Easter Bunny brought them! {tee hee hee}

My little stud!  Girls better watch out....for mama, not him! No dating, everrr Bryson! {Ohhh, I wish he could be my baby forever!}

Bryson giving the Easter Bunny his eggs...then snatching them back out of his "hand". Silly kid...he did pretty good for this being the first time he's seen the Easter Bunny.  His sister was with him, he was all good.

Skipping rocks with his cousins, Arianna and Adelina!  He sat there for a good 45 minutes just throwing rocks...he LOVED it:)

A lil tree climbing...

My handsome hubby and I...what a fun family trip we had!!

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Hope everyone had a fun-filled weekend!! Toodles, from The McCroskeys!