Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY Chevron Hair Bow Holder

Happy Sunday, Y'all!  I started my morning off with a fun DIY project that would look adorable in ANY girl's room...A Chevron Hair Bow Holder!
There is no better way to waking up to a rainy, dreary day then to CRAFT!  Woo Hoo!!  I decided to make my step daughter, Lauren, a pretty hair bow holder.  She has TONS of hair bows that either I have made her, or she got from the store, so why nice a cute place to display them?

 She is excited to be moving into a new house with her mom and sister, but mentioned she won't have her own room.  She will have to share one with her mom, so I thought making her something nice to hang up by her bed would make it more special.  You know, it will make her area in the room feel like her own little space.  She told me the colors she wanted {colors that match her bedspread, cute ;)}and I went to town.

Here is what I did...

Frog Tape "Shape Tape"....ohhhhhh, how I Love You...

I LOVE the end result...So cute and girly!  The awesome part about this was the fact I that already had everything to make this with!  But the BEST thing about it all was that Lauren loved it:)  These would make a great gift, and I even thought about making another one for ME but leaving out the ribbon.  I would make it a necklace holder, or this would even be perfect for a light-weight scarf holder.  What other uses can you think of?  Who will you be making one for?

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