Thursday, March 6, 2014

$5 Plastic Easter Egg Wreath DIY!

There is something about brightly colored Easter Eggs that makes me feel like spring is in the air! Even though it is in the high 60's one day, then snows the very next. The weather boggles my mind!  I decided I wasn't going to wait for Spring to come to me, but that I was going to Spring.  This Easter Egg Wreath did the trick! 

This was such a thrifty project, with the bag of 48 eggs I purchased from Target for $2 and the wreath costing about $3 {thanks to the Hobby Lobby iPhone coupon}.  I loved the bag of eggs because unlike most bags, this bag had 8 different color varieties.  Awesome! 

I already had this nifty Sharpie "oil based" Paint Pen, so I had a fabulous idea to "decorate" the eggs:)  This part took the longest....I'm talking about eggs spread all over our kitchen island for well over a few weeks.  Whenever I was in between tasks, I would stop at the island and paint a few eggs!  I am so thankful I have a husband who understands my obsessive craft craze:)  I also wrapped some twine around random eggs.  Once I was done with my egg painting shenanigans, it was time to make my bow and then LOTS of hot gluing!!

It's so bright and cheery, I had to put it right up!  I love pulling up to my house and seeing that little hint of spring, staring back at makes me feel cheerful!  So, how many of you have created or purchased your springy or Easter wreaths already?  I hope this inspires you to spread the springy sunshine to your door, too:)

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