Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY Hot Cocoa Mugs for your Sweetheart!

There is something SO cozy about a warm cup of hot cocoa, especially snuggled up next to the one you love. Why not celebrate your love and comfort by creating a beautiful mug for the occasion? These fun and EASY DIY mugs were made with DOLLAR TREE mugs! Yup, that's right! Another THRIFTY and practically FREE craft to dive into:-) 

  Here are the styles of mugs I purchased...I fell in LOVE with these because they aren't your average sized mug...they are HUGE! I don't know about you, but I always say "go big or go home".  A SMALL cup of hot chocolate just won't do, so I went BIG! {these would also be GREAT to use as a soup or chili cup}.
I used "Folk Art" acrylic craft paint in Gold...I love how it showed up so pretty on the black background.  I used a small pouncer I found at Hobby Lobby, my FAVORITE store...well, AC Moore is my favorite, too...OH who am I kidding?!?  ANY craft store is my FAVORITE!!  I did 2 coats of paint after waiting for the first coat to dry.

Once I followed the instructions for "drying times" on the back of the paint bottle, I baked them according to the instructions.

Here, I took some regular sized sandwich Ziplock bags {why buy specific "candy" bags, when I shop at Costco and have an OVER abundance of baggies} and I filled them with chocolate chips. When I was done, I used red and white bakers twine, tied them and then cut off the top part. See? Why spend money on bags when you can make your own solution!

With the white mugs, I used a cool little paint pen I found at...YOU GUESSED IT...Hobby Lobby!! These lil pens rock, let me tell you!  Its the "Deco Art Glass paint marker".  These also have specific drying and baking times as well.  They are so easy to use!  AND they come in all different colors:)  I chose to use a paint pen vs. a Sharpie Permanent Marker/Sharpie Paint Pen because I have heard mixed reviews...I read about a LOT of people saying they rub off after a wash or two.  Since these were gifts {I made these as Christmas gifts, hence the "not so great and taken in a hurry" pictures.  I LOVED how the white ones came out...

I then took two packs of packaged hot chocolate and added them EACH mug, along with one bag of chocolate chips for each mug. {So, 2 packs of cocoa and a bag of chips per mug}

 Then to finish up, I wrapped each mug and the goodies inside, with clear cellophane, {which was also purchased at the Dollar Tree:-)} and secured them with a piece of twine.  I gifted them with my favorite DIY project, the Shabby Chic Chevron Wood Tray!  If you love a good DIY project, I definitely suggest checking it out. Needless to say, they were all a big hit:)

I planned on gifting these with a few mini shots of "Baileys Irish Cream" but with all the madness surrounded by a DIY gift-making session.  I hope y'all decide to snag some of these mugs from your local Dollar Tree and make some for those cozy nights with your loved one:)  Or, if you prefer drinking wine, check out my Dollar Tree Glammed Up Wine Glasses:)

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