Sunday, January 12, 2014

**New "Bookworm Bundle" Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Welcome to my personal review of the brand new Bookworm Bundle!!  At the end of this review, which is 100% my opinion, there will be a ***GIVEAWAY*** for your very own 6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION!! If you haven't heard of Bookworm Bundle yet, that's because it's brand spankin new.  Amber, over at From ABC's to ACT's and her husband, created this amazing subscription for children.  I was one of the lucky gals that was fortunate enough to receive one for my child, for review.  Here's the scoop...
Bookworm Bundle is a subscription in which your child will receive a book, along with 3 to 4 crafts that coincide with the story/theme for that book.  The really neat thing about it, is that it is all "age appropriate".  The ages range from 2yrs-5yrs son Bryson, who is 18 months old, was still a little too young for the crafting part.  However, he LOVED being read to.  He loves books! His sissy Lauren, and I had fun putting the crafts together. 
One, of many, things I loved about the Bookworm Bundle box, was that it comes with everything you need to make the cute little crafts it comes with:)  I mean, this box comes with SO much!!  Check it out!

Below, you will see MANY pics of what our Bookworm Bundle box included, PLUS several of the finished crafts:) 








I spy Gossie, the Duck...

We had so much fun making these adorable crafts, and the best part of it all??  It was ALL delivered right to our door!  There was no "oh darn, we forgot to buy THIS or THAT at the craft store" because everything you and your little one will need is all wrapped up and at your door step.  Here are the details in how the pricing goes {super affordable and hello, FREE SHIPPING!?!}

· Month-to-Month - $29.00 per month + Free Shipping
· 3 Month Subscription - $84.00 + Free Shipping (Save $15.00)
· 6 Month Subscription - $162.00 + Free Shipping (Save $36.00)
· 12 Month Subscription - $300.00 + Free Shipping (Save $96.00)
**For more in depth details about this AMAZING , FUN, EDUCATIONAL, CREATIVE, FABULOUS, {I can totally keep going, but I'll spare you...} subscription, go to !  I hope you found this review useful, because we certainly had a blast with everything we received in our box.  Don't forget, enter to win your very own free 6 month subscription, below:)

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