Sunday, December 15, 2013

Homemade Dough Christmas Ornaments!

How FUN are THESE?!?

I am constantly looking for ideas and new projects to make with the kiddos...and I came across this FUN project!  I discovered the recipe for these adorable dough ornaments while cruising through the ALMIGHTY PINTEREST, from Make It Cozee's site.  She also provides a pictorial of how she made them along with several neat ideas on how to paint them.  Below, you will see our Adventures in Dough Ornament Making:)


We are still working on painting the stars, but I am thinking of maybe doing some dots, stripes, hmmmm.....maybe some chevron patterns and possibly adding some burlap mini bows. Chevron and burlap? What a SHOCKER, right?? {smiling} I hope you all enjoy these ornaments as much as we's a great holiday craft to make with the kids and it's an all-around family fun craft! Anyone want to share your family home-made ornaments? Until next time...

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