Thursday, September 19, 2013

Easy 'Man Box" made out of a Swiffer box!

Good evening!  I have a cool craft/DIY project that is made out of an empty SWIFFER box!!
Yep, you read right...a SWIFFER BOX!  Almost everyone I know uses wet Swiffers, so if you are one of the people who don't, I'm sure you can find someone who does.  Just tell 'em you want to "up-cycle" it:)
So, on one of my recent posts, I showed you how to make a "Burlap and Twine" basket out of a cardboard diaper husband thought it was so cool and asked me to make him a "man box" for his night stand.  I thought this was cute, the fact that he wanted me to make him something, too.  So I was absolutely up for the challenge:)  Using the same items I used in my "Burlap and Twine" tutorial (just different colors), I created this...
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OOOOOOOOOH Yeeeea!!! It's THAT simple...and the hubby loves it:)