Thursday, September 26, 2013

From an Old Fence, to Fabulous Picture Frame!!

I'm so excited about this project, I can hardly contain myself!!

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It all started with preparing for a craft show...the ideas were flowing {and my poor dining room table, OVER-FLOWING!} I've really been digging all these repurposed wood projects I am finding all over Pinterest and Instagram and I've been wanting to do soooo many of them, but really don't have the tools I need.  But THIS one was so simple!!

My husband and I have a fence in our backyard, but we had some trees cut down earlier this year. They had to pull apart some of the fence to be able to pull one of the MASSIVE trees down, so now we have pieces of fence everywhere...ohhhhh DARN! So, this idea just popped into my mind and my amazing hubby started it off by cutting the wood to the perfect size, then gluing them with wood glue.  We find that "Weatherproof Titebond II-Premium Wood Glue" works the best.  I've tried Gorilla Glue and wasn't too fond of swells and you have to wind up sanding it down...not with this stuff. 
Once it was glued, he clamped the two pieces and let it set overnight.  I found the wooden "scroll" looking pieces at AC Moore, then I stained it and after it dried and removed the excess.  I used this SWEEEET distressing trick...I rubbed Vaseline on it.  I used a very small amount of Vaseline and rubbed it on the areas that I wanted to sand.  I made sure it was rubbed in, not clumpy, and then I spray-painted them. 
After they fully dried, I sanded, or "distressed" and they were complete!  I used the same wood glue to attach them to the pieces of fence, added a magnetic clip I found at Walmart in the office supply section {I used "Crafter's Pick" glue for this....THE ABSOLUTE BEST CRAFT GLUE AROUND, in my opinion and believe me, I've tried MANNNNY}.  Then, last but not least, I added saw tooth picture hangers on the back and YAAAAY!! I had a fabulous, distressed picture frame!! The best part about it, is you can practically find repurposed wood anywhere, so this project was extremely cheap to make!    

 I would LOVE to hear any ideas you all may have on different variations of this project you think can be done, and I would absolutely love for you to share your repurposed wood projects as well! Hope you liked this, cause I'm in love!

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